What is it all about?

In the last year almost 900,000 fled to Europe.
The refugees arriving in Europe need a lot of things:
Ideally they need the world governments to pull together in order to restore peace in their countries,
they need the European authorities to take responsibility for what is happening and implement
a system to better deal with their arrival.
For us ordinary people, change on this scale feels overwhelming, completely beyond our control.
But this is not an excuse to hide from what is happening – instead, it's a motivation to act.
So it is our very strong belief that every action makes a difference.

Therefore five young people, having met whilst volunteering in Lesvos, Greece have decided
to drive a caravan down the refugee route.
It will be full of equipment and supplies to make tea and soup for those we meet on the way.
We cannot promise to save any lives or open any borders but we can promise to give a hot cup
of tea to those sleeping outside in minus conditions, provide a warm and
welcoming environment to those arriving to remote borders in the middle of the night, give a
nutritious soup to hungry bellies and offer our time and energy to volunteers working tirelessly in the camps.
But we can't manage this all by ourselves – we need your support.
More information can be found at Raising our Funds.